Bob Jensen releases new single

A Heavy Millstone

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Spoken word Poet Bob Jensen has released A Heavy Millstone, the third single from Prayer to morning.

“A Heavy Millstone is a gut-felt response to the clerical abuse that hurt so many of my friends, and my own family while we were growing up in northern New Brunswick in 70s,” says Jensen, whose younger brother waived his legal right to anonymity in his own case against a priest who was jailed twice for molesting boys and who died while awaiting what would have been his fourth such trial two years ago.

“I have spoken to many victims,” says Jensen, “most of whom are simply not able to speak publicly about their experiences because even now, to do so is still too traumatic for them. I wrote this piece to try to give them a voice, in the hope that it might at least shine a light on the truth and make it harder for this kind of tragedy to happen again.”