Lennie Gallant and film crew in Darnley

Blood and Salt Water

Lennie Gallant’s video by filmmaker and fan Susan Rodgers

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Lennie Gallant released the music video for his song “Blood and Salt Water” on April 7 of this year. The video was shot late last summer by a small film crew at Twin Shores Campground in Darnley.

Filmmaker Susan Rodgers commissioned the song for her feature film Still The Water, which was commercially released April 27.

“I had given Lennie the essence of the story in about two lines, and he came back on the first try with an incredible, haunting song that captured fully the tone and message of the film,” says Rodgers.

When Still The Water was finished and on the festival circuit, Rodgers decided to take the song a step further.

“I just couldn’t let it go,” continues Rodgers. “I had the opportunity to visually capture a moment in time featuring a piece of music and a beloved singer-songwriter in a piece of art that I could treasure forever. I ran the idea of doing the music video by Lennie, and we made the dream happen.

“[Lennie] was a good sport—it was freezing that night, gusty and cold, and we were fighting a little technology issue and a quickly setting sun, but we were well rewarded. We enjoyed a stunning sunset, and the video, which was edited with footage from the film, is just beautiful.”