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Talking with beer crafters on PEI: Spencer Gallant

The Brewer | Bryan Carver

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In late November 2019, three young entrepreneurs opened the doors to the public for a brewery they had been working on in Borden-Carleton. One of these founders/co-owners was Spencer Gallant, a brewer who had already built an impressive resume in the brewing industry in just a few years.

Spencer grew up in the western end of PEI. After completing high school, he went on to the University of PEI to study chemistry, an education path that would prove to be very useful for a career he would eventually pursue.

During his time at UPEI, Spencer needed to find some work to help cover his expenses and made the decision to submit a resume to the PEI Brewing Company, hoping to bring his academic studies into a burgeoning passion for beer that was growing. The team at PEI Brewing saw the potential in Spencer, and gave him a position working on the packaging crew in 2013, where he worked boxing bottles and cans. Soon Spencer had proven his eagerness to learn and he moved into a position in the brew house where he began to further learn the craft and science of brewing beer.

Having become a steady member of the brewing team at PEI Brewing, Spencer spearheaded a few one-off project beers, notably “Patience,” a dry hopped brettanomyces (wild yeast) focused beer that won over beer lovers here in Atlantic Canada. Soon he was moved into a position where he would oversee the expansion of brewing Gahan beers at new locations, traveling between St. John, Fredericton, Moncton and Halifax. 

In between a good deal of traveling, further working on his academic career which had grown to involve studying the chemical composition of hops growing wild on PEI, Spencer soon began to pursue another dream of his: opening his own brewery. Having been tapped by fellow UPEI alumni Jared Murphy and Dillon Wight, who were eager to open a brewery as well, Spencer was a perfect fit, bringing in a great deal of experience he gleaned in just a few short years in the brewing industry.

Soon they successfully launched Lone Oak Brewing in Borden-Carleton, adding a vibrant and community focused brewery to the south shore community. Launching with four beers—Hollywood West Coast IPA, Yankee Gale Pale Ale, South Shore Sour and Fixed Link German Pilsner—Spencer’s brewed offerings hit the mark with beer lovers on PEI. Little did they know that in March 2020, the  pandemic would force them to shift their business model quickly. Despite this challenge, the team at Lone Oak quickly rallied and established a very successful home delivery program ensuring their beer was still getting into people’s hands.

In late May 2022, they opened a second location on Poplar Island in North River, The Lone Oak Brewpub. Here they further establish their knack for hospitality with a new restaurant venture which features a stunning patio that overlooks the North River.

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