Black Cat Music Vol 1 by North Lakes

Black Cat Music Volume 1

By North Lakes

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North Lakes releases their new EP, Black Cat Music Volume 1.

Like their previous work, it’s the soundtrack for dive bar dance parties or windows-down drives. They play a smart blend of nostalgia and new. It’s equal parts power pop, proto-punk, and garage rock. Melody and songcraft come first for North Lakes, keeping their tracks timeless and approachable.

Black Cat Music Volume 1 begins a series of releases documenting where the band is now. The songs are about letting go after a long period of isolation and recognizing which people in your life matter most. The lyrics are written image-first, mostly set in the landscape of Canada’s northeast.

Black Cat Music Volume 1 was engineered, mixed and produced by Colin Buchanan at Hill Sound Studio. The EP was mastered by Dan Weston.