Artwork by LiliAnne Webster

Black and White

Where can a line take us?

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Black and White: Where can a line take us?, work by LiliAnne Webster, will be displayed at The Guild in Charlottetown from April 17 to 28. It opens with a reception on April 17 from 7 to 9 pm. All are invited to come and meet the artist-designer.

Of the exhibition, LiliAnne Webster says, “We have become all too familiar with the phrase ‘Black and White’ meaning clearly defined lines. This series explores the use of a line. My goal is using black and white lines to communicate more abstract thinking and to question how we interpret lines. Black lines on white and white lines on black; the lines go from organic shapes that freely flow to purposefully made marks that create figurative forms.”

In this series LiliAnne explores her understanding of lines and pushes herself to look at what lines mean and how they capture the natural flow of her environment. She limits herself to the simple black and white palette thus challenging herself to look at the world differently. She says that this causes her to explore movement and emotion with new vision and insight. What began as a simple task with ink pen on paper in a mindless act of meditation soon began to create form and shape that echoed representative patterns. Continuing in this process, she says, faces appeared with almost fingerprint patterning, trees grew in wood-grain patterns, lines of poetry evoked  an artistic response and flowers and leaves moved on page after page of exploration.

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