Retrospective exhibit at Receiver—Dec 14 to Feb 1

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this town is small presents @billspotting—A Retrospective, an exhibition curated by Max Knechtel, on view December 14 to February 1 at Receiver Coffee Co. in Charlottetown.

@billspotting collected and shared digital images of local public figure Bill McFadden throughout 2019 until his passing in 2020.

While it started with project creator and curator Max Knechtel’s daily encounters, McFadden’s frequent escapades were inevitably captured by the wider community, and a steady stream of paparazzi-style contributions were shared via Instagram.

The exhibition at Receiver will display various @billspotting images and other iconic Bill works, serving as a lighthearted glimpse of a brief period in the large life of one of Charlottetown’s most enigmatic and eclectic figures.

The original collection project can be viewed in full through @billspotting on Instagram.

Receiver Coffee Co. is located at 128 Richmond Street in Charlottetown.

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