Detail of colour photograph by Patricia Bourque

Beyond the Regalia

Photographs by Patricia Bourque at The Guild

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In partnership with The Gallery @ The Guild, this town is small presents a solo exhibition of new works by Patricia Bourque entitled, Beyond the Regalia, on view from July 9 to August 19.

Beyond The Regalia is a series of photographic portraits of Mi’kmaw women from the traditional territory of Mi’kma’ki.

Bourque says of the show: “It is my hope that visitors to the show will make the connections: that they will cease to make assumptions about these women, and see beyond the images created by the media or that the justice system have formed. The many First Nations women who were murdered, or listed missing, are human beings, and similar to the portraits I am creating of living Mi’kmaw Women, I want their stories told. My hope is that viewers get to know us, see who we really are, or were. I want these visuals to start conversations; to make people feel, think, understand, and perhaps walk away with new perceptions, new beliefs about First Nations, and about themselves. It is also an opportunity to bring awareness to the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, and to honour their memories. It is my belief, this is one step towards reconciliation, another step toward new understandings, and another step toward pride and honour for each of the women that I photograph.”

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