Benny Von

Music Arcade by Dennis Ellsworth

Benny Von spent the first six years of his life in York, Prince Edward Island. He is the oldest of five kids. At six years old, his family moved to Mount Stewart. When his parents split at age fourteen, he moved to Morrell to live with his father and at sixteen, he moved back to York to live with his aunt and uncle so he could attend high school at Charlottetown Rural. 

Benny has always sort of picked away at songwriting, and although that creative idea has been with him since he was much younger, the road he took to get here has been slow, with many twists, turns and bumps. 

For a good portion of his life he has been looking for acceptance, by others and by himself. He grew up in a religious home, but for much of it, he shrugged it off. Halfway through his senior year at Charlottetown Rural, his search for somewhere to belong led him back to religion. Not long after, his mother introduced him to a young Pasteur (ex-addict) from the United States who moved here with his wife and two kids to take over the Faith Bible Church on St Peter’s Rd. Benny moved into that family’s basement and began feeling guided and more connected to something meaningful. He dove headfirst into Christianity, gained responsibility under the wing of the young Pasteur and he started to feel power in the act of helping people. It felt like he had the answer. 

From here, he moved to Fredericton where he lived with his uncle, also a Pasteur, and Benny started to consider becoming one himself. Under his uncle’s care, he went all in with the Church. This is when the pendulum suddenly swung the other way. He was tapping into things relating to his upbringing. These revelations knocked him sideways, and his faith started to blur. His beliefs in the Church and what it was teaching waned, and he felt like what he had spent years committed to was contrived and lacked reality. He left the church, once again in pursuit of something. 

While still in Fredericton, he welcomed his fifteen-year-old brother into his home and Benny helped him through high school. He was his caretaker. During this time, Benny worked as a server/bartender and he started doing stand-up comedy. He did this for three and a half years, and in 2018, he moved back to PEI. Looking for ways to express himself about the past few decades of his life, he went back to the creative well and songwriting clicked.

For the past few years, he has been collecting songs. Very authentic songs. They come from an honest place. They are from a life of experience. At 31, he’s finding a creative voice through music and he’s been tinkering in the recording studio with Adam Gallant at The Hill Sound Studio. 

His debut single, ”PEI Waltz,” was released in January, and most recently, “That’s Nice” and “A Thousand Lives in One” were released simultaneously in April. He has plans for more releases  and he’s got the songs, but he’s happy letting things develop at a natural pace.