Photo by Robin Gessy Gislain Shumbusho

Beauty like a sunflower

New exhibit by Robin Gessy Gislain Shumbusho

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PEI’s artist run centre, this town is small, will present Beauty like a sunflower, a new exhibit by Robin Gessy Gislain Shumbusho, at Receiver Coffee in Charlottetown in July.

Shumbusho is fascinated by the beauty of people who look like him, and seeks to create a platform and space to tell stories through stills and motion direction.

“Beauty like a sunflower is an exhibition that showcases the beauty and strength in dark and brown skin, showing us in a positive and beautiful light,” Shumbusho explains. “It represents our skin in an unscripted way that we have yet to see in our [local] art shows, as an under-represented community that is just starting to see BIPOC artists represented on the art exhibition scene.”

Shumbusho is a photographer, aspiring filmmaker, and currently the art director at ZeroResistance Studios, a multi-disciplinary creative studio.

Beauty like a sunflower, will be on view from July 18 to August 30 at Receiver Coffee, 128 Richmond Street, Charlottetown.