Avril’s Phoenix

Michelle Harris-Genge

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Avril’s Phoenix is Michelle Harris-Genge’s first solo effort. In Avril’s Phoenix, Harris-Genge’s takes the reader on the uplifting, emotional voyage of a woman’s navigation through life following a heartbreak seemingly impossible to overcome.

“This is April’s story, not mine, but my writing is informed by a similar experience my family suffered,” Harris-Genge said. “Avril is defining what the journey means for her. She doesn’t want to live in fear and confusion. And she wants to be happy without feeling guilty about it.”

Title character Avril Bale has a seemingly beautiful life with a daughter, a second baby on the way, and a caring husband. She has it all, which makes Avril completely ill prepared for the tragic loss that rocks the foundation of her security, her sense of fairness, and her faith. Avril’s Phoenix probes why bad things happen to good people, a question all of us have asked ourselves at some point in our lives.

Michelle Harris-Genge lives deep in the woods of Prince Edward Island. In addition to Avril’s Phoenix and The Terra Obscura Chronicles (with husband Geoff Genge), Harris-Genge writes the pause2effect blog online.

Avril’s Phoenix and The Terra Obscura Chronicles are available from the couple’s own Five Crow Road Publications fivecrowroad.com Avril’s Phoenix was first released on Amazon in July, where it remains available for purchase.