Economic Growth, Tourism and Culture Minister Matthew MacKay and Arts Grant recipient, photographer Patricia Bourque.

Arts grants

PEI Government awards fourteen Island artists

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The PEI Government has awarded Arts Grant to fourteen Island artists. The successful applicants were selected by a six-member jury of their arts community peers and follows the same model used by the Canada Council of Arts.

Rachel Beck—Creation, Music, $6000. To write and create master recordings of six new musical compositions.

Patricia Bourque—Creation, Visual Arts, $2795. To photograph Mi’kmaw women for a solo gallery show, Beyond the Regalia, at The Guild in Charlottetown.

Maria Campbell—Creation, Visual Arts, $5000. To collaborate with Patricia Bourque to bring Patricia’s artistic vision of proud, dignified Indigenous figures to Charlottetown.

Gerard Clarkes—Dissemination, Visual Arts, $2000. To clean and restore paintings that span six decades, for an exhibit at The Confederation Centre Art Gallery.

Candace Hagen—Dissemination, Theatre, $2000. To revise and remount the play Realizations, written by Candace Hagen, in a professional theatre setting. Monica Lacey—Professional Development, Music, $1000. To participate in a 10 day self-directed artist residency at The Wild Mill Studios.

Russell Louder—Creation, Music, $4000. To explore and compose new sounds to be incorporated into new songs for their first album to be released in 2020.

Ryan McCarvill—Creation, Film and Media Arts, $4000. To complete post-production work on the self-financed shot on PEI short film The Sins of the Father.

Melissa Mullen—Creation, Theatre, $3704. To work with a dramaturge, musical director, and actors to develop script, songs, and key aspects of staging on their script The Man Who Saved the Songs.

Jessica Noonan—Dissemination, Writing and Publishing, $2000. To print a collection of their comics to be sold at independent comic stores and comic conventions.

Jared Perry—Creation, Visual Arts, $4500. To assist with a multi-media art exhibition, Instructions for Use, an investigation of banal everyday tasks.

Emilee Sorrey—Dissemination, Music $2500. To disseminate, present and tour her full-length album, In Full Bloom.

Alicia Toner—Creation, Music, $5000. To record her second full-length studio album on the Island.

Greg Webster—Creation, Writing/Publishing, $5500. To create the second issue of Sandstone Comics Presents, a 72 page full colour graphic novel that will be written, illustrated, inked, coloured, lettered and printed on PEI.