(Moe Reinblatt, Portrait of Norman McLaren, 1975, charcoal on paper)

Artists by Artists

Confederation Centre Art Gallery exhibit opens

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Who makes art, and what does it mean to be an artist? Artists have often tried to address such questions in portraits of one another, and of themselves.

An exhibition selected from the Confederation Centre Art Gallery (CCAG) permanent collection entitled Artists by Artists, which highlights these explorations, opens January 18, curated by Pan Wendt.

Featuring more than 30 visual artists, including photographic portraits by Lionel Stevenson, Dominique Cruchet, and Richard Furlong of local artists Hilda Woolnough, Bill McFadden, Nigel Roe, Donald Andrus, Libby Oughton, Adam Sultan, Matilda Lewis, and George Zimbel. The exhibition also includes a sculpture of legendary Quebecois artist Armand Vaillancourt by the late Carl Phillis.

Artists by Artists will be on view in the CCAG until May 24.

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