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Art in the Open 2022

12th edition of contemporary outdoor art festival—Aug 27

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Explore Charlottetown’s art scene, green spaces and diverse cultural traditions at Art in the Open 2022 (AITO) on August 27 from 4 pm to midnight. Artists from PEI and across Canada, alongside AITO’s curatorial team, are creating a memorable 12th edition of the contemporary art festival. 

This summer AITO welcomed Amish Morrell as lead curator for the annual outdoor comtemporary art festival. The Toronto-based curator, educator, writer and editor will be expanding on his ongoing project, Outdoor School, which features contemporary artworks that reimagine ways of relating to the landscape and asking audiences to engage directly in activities. Amish has curated nearly a dozen projects for this year’s festival, working with artists from PEI and across Canada who engage with ideas of the re-naturalization of green spaces and environments.

Some of the artists selected include Nova Scotian artist Onya Hogan Finlay with Apple Obscura, Bill Burns with The Salt, the Milk, the Honey, Aislinn Thomas with Photophagia and Hiba Abdallah with Declarations for a Different Possible Future.

In addition to the curated projects, the artistic program will consist of projects selected by local curator Kirstie McCallum, a couple of pieces curated by Confederation Centre Art Gallery adjunct curator, Charles Campbell, as well as juried and community projects.

AITO visitors will be able to plan their experience in advance by reading the project descriptions and the artists’ biographies at artintheopenpei.org in early August, and by following the festival on social media.

Taking place in public and outdoor spaces across downtown Charlottetown, AITO will feature contemporary art installations and free performances for all ages. 

To volunteer for the main event on August 27, visit forms.gle/vUmmghYxhakCFZ6u6.