Performance installation by Tsēmā Igharas in Memory Keepers II, curated by GLAM Collective with Darcie Bernhardt & Megan Kyak-Monteith, Art in the Open, 2019.

Art in the Open 2020

Open-air contemporary art reimagined

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As one of many events that contributes to the active cultural ecosystem on the Island, Art in the Open (AITO) has always embraced public art in spacious open-air environments and this year is no exception.

On August 29, AITO will feature many artists, working remotely, whose artworks will be created by AITO’s production team on the Island. They’re also showcasing many Island artists and reinvesting in their partnerships with PEI-based arts collectives and organizations. Visitors can expect to see public artworks in green spaces and town squares around Charlottetown, but there will also be artworks that can be experienced on the radio, in cars and in storefronts.

This year AITO is embracing a flexible model that shifts to suit new public health regulations, and they have increased their capacity to offer community care. As a no-contact festival, there won’t by any scheduled performances that draw an audience and the majority of public art installations will be viewable from a significant distance. Organizers have been challenged to reimagine what it means to gather in a state of emergency, as well as a time of collective action and public protesting. They are learning how to loan their leverage and offer their support to local community movements to make meaningful change in the cultural sphere on Epekwitk.

Drivers are encouraged to tune into their car radio and pedestrians are encouraged to bring portable radios. Details about AITO’s ad hoc radio station coming soon.

Several artists working remotely will call upon the community to create artworks on their behalf. Keep an eye out for upcoming calls for participants in performances and workshops.

Wear masks, bring hand sanitizer and stay home if experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. To volunteer or for more info visit

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