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New purchases for the Provincial Art Bank

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Artist Monica Lacey says the Provincial Art Bank supports and validates her career as a professional artist.

“I have been fortunate to have several pieces selected for purchase by the art bank over the years. Having my work in a public collection like this is important to the growth of my career and the visibility of my work,” said Lacey. “I’ve had a lot of great feedback from people who have seen my work through the art bank in various government buildings. It is a crucial program for Island artists and a great opportunity to have our work both collected and shown.”

Lacey’s work was one of six pieces selected for purchase by a peer-review jury out of 75 submissions. The art bank acquires, loans out and displays works by professional Island artists.

The Provincial Art Bank was established in 1979 as a working collection to encourage the celebration of, and public interaction with, PEI’s artistic excellence. Most items are displayed in reception and high-traffic areas of public buildings and are also available for educational use.

There are now 255 pieces in the collection, in Access PEI sites, the government complex and public libraries.

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