Anne & Gilbert

Rebekah Brown and Graysen LaPointe star in 20th season

Rebeka Brown (left) and Graysen LaPoite

Anne and Gilbert, The Musical, celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2024 with a return to the Florence Simmons Performance Hall in Charlottetown this May, with both Anne and Gilbert played by new actors. 

Rebekah Brown, hailing from Bayside, PEI, takes on the role of Anne.Despite her youth, Brown’s maturity and charm allow her to delve into Anne’s character as she navigates the challenges of young adulthood, courtship, and career. Aware of the historical context, Brown acknowledges the fine line she treads as a 21st-century woman portraying a character from the 1890s, emphasizing empathy for the struggles faced by women of that era.

Confident in her ability to portray Anne’s complexity, Brown’s positive energy and long-standing commitment to dyeing her hair “Anne red” since age 15 add depth to her performance. 

Opposite Brown, Graysen LaPointe, from Fredericton, NB, steps into the role of Gilbert, understanding his supporting role alongside Anne.

Brown and LaPointe have good chemistry and an easy rapport, a good sign that the young pair will be able to convey the playful dynamic between a thoughtful and focused young man and a woman who is led by the heart, but who is determined to chart her own course. 

Brown recognizes the importance of conveying Anne’s unspoken energy and proto-feminism throughout the performance, ensuring an authentic portrayal that will resonate with today’s audiences.

Performances of Anne and Gilbert, The Musical run from May 15 to October 15. Tickets are available at