Jurors #4 and #5 argue (Barbara Rhodenhizer and Tamara Steele)

Angry Women on the road

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The “angry women” of the jury are headed out to three more Island theatres. 12 Angry Women will be in North Rustico, Summerside and Georgetown in May.

A dozen women are locked in the pressure-cooker of a jury-room, to determine the fate of a young man on trial for murder. It’s literally a life-or-death decision, and it turns on the stab of a switch-blade. This is gripping drama with a strong message—about critical thinking, probing beneath the surface, and reliable evidence, and how important that is in our era of simplistic populist appeals to a base audience who crave the black-and-white of an easy answer. It is not surprising that the play originated in the infamous McCarthy era.

This production offers the novelty of theatre in-the-round, so that the audience feels an intimacy, a very part of the jury-room. It features a dozen outstanding actors; their profiles can be seen on ACT’s Tumblr blog (actpei.tumblr.com). There’s music, too, provided by pianist Frances Gray.

The last three shows are will be presented in: North Rustico at Watermark Theatre at 7:30 pm on May 2 (ticketwizard.ca); Summerside at Eptek Gallery at 7:30 pm on May 4 (harbourfronttheatre.com) and in Georgetown at Kings Playhouse at 7:30 pm May 10 (kingsplayhouse.com).

Tickets are available at the door. For information call 902-628-6778, visit actpei.ca, or email 12angrywomenact@gmail.com.

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