Ancient Fall

Jaime Lee Mann

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Do you believe children have the power to change the world? Bestselling middle-grade fantasy author Jaime Lee Mann does. She is now preparing for the release of the final title in the Legend of Rhyme series, Ancient Fall.

This magical tale full of mermaids and witches, pixies and phoenixes, and several special sets of twins is not all about entertainment, delivering a strong message about the need for conservation and the power for change that every human holds.

“I think that as adults, we have a responsibility to teach children about the importance of respecting the planet as soon as they’re able to understand,” Jaime Lee states. “We do only get the one planet (so far) to live on, so I think it’s pretty important to raise little environmentalists.”

To fully enjoy the Legend of Rhyme series, Jaime Lee encourages new readers to begin with the first book in the series, Elora of Stone, before moving on to Into Coraira, Teagan of Tomorrow, Second Twin, Blood and Stars, and Stir of Shadows. Each book features a fantastic story as well as a worthwhile message for young readers, from the importance of asking questions and not taking things at face value, to the acceptance of same-sex romance and need for conservation.

Ancient Fall will is published by Blue Moon Publishers, marketed by DigiWriting, and is scheduled for release on September 10. A celebration of the series will be held at the Confederation Centre Public Library in Charlottetown on September 24 at 6:30 pm.

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