Plague Doctor - Spivey

Album release: The Plague Doctor EP

by Spivey

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Locally based hip-hop artist Spivey released his debut album The Plague Doctor EP on March 19. The album features eight songs, five of which were previously unreleased, and showcases Spivey’s lyrical integrity and descriptive narratives.

Released in 2019, the first single “Space” has garnered over 20,000 streams so far. Topping that, with over 25,000 streams, the second single “Vibein” earned Spivey a 2021 Music PEI nomination for Best Rap/Hip-Hop Recording of the Year. Spivey used a more laid back, yet aggressive tone in his third single “Tuco Salamanca,” making use of a catchy style to keep his fans singing along.

Released under DNR Records, The Plague Doctor EP is available on all streaming platforms.

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