The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side - Dennis Ellsworth

Album release: The Grass Is Always Greener on the Other Side

by Dennis Ellsworth

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Dennis Ellsworth leans into the referential on his new full length album, The Grass Is Always Greener on the Other Side, released March 5. The album is the second installment in Ellsworth’s Bound By Love Series, which reconsiders the status quo of how artists release music, while sharing 32 new songs across three albums and three EPs.

“This is a condensed musical history of my life,” said Ellsworth, of the moving focus track, “Bound By Love.” “It stretches from the 1970s up to today, and uses my photographic memory to tie things together, reflecting on how time spent driving in my mother’s car as a kid shaped a lot of my musical life.”

Ellsworth voices the importance of resiliency on the album in songs like “It’s Going to Be So Nice When This is Over” and “Don’t Tell Me How It Ends,” and expressions of devotion in “Sunny Winter Morning” and “Call Me Anytime.” He reflects on a life lived by love in “Bound By Love,” and the healing power of nature in “Warm Flowered Air” and “Thoughts and Buzz.”

Ellsworth is a songwriter, performer and producer from Charlottetown. He began writing songs in high school, bridging a variety of styles from folk, to rock n’ roll, to chill electro-pop.

“Bandcamp has gone above and beyond for artists during this precarious time, and as such, the full length albums will only be available there, in CD, LP, and digital formats,” said Ellsworth. “That said, streaming fans shouldn’t feel left out. As a companion to each full length album release on Bandcamp, we’ll be releasing a sampler EP to streaming services. If you want to hear and support the full project, you know where to find it. Everybody wins.”

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