Poisonous by Hailey MacIsaac

Album release: Poisonous

By Hailey MacIsaac

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Charlottetown artist Hailey MacIsaac teamed up with friend and producer Bray Schurman for their second independent album, Poisonous, released on all major music platforms in June.

The seven-song sophomore record was written in the height of the global pandemic and features themes of introspection, empathy, and reclaiming one’s power in a modern world.

Poisonous pushes more toward the alternative/pop-rock category, in contrast to MacIsaac’s previous work in pop music. Throughout the project, the pop-based duo experimented with genre as they incorporated undertones of rock, pop/punk, rap, and R&B in their tracks, continuing to diversify their pop sound.

The album features four collaborations with some of Charlottetown rap artists,  including Slime da Garbage Mane, MOSSBOY, Vince The Messenger, and GLORYWAVE. MacIsaac and Schurman introduced Toronto’s Mike Marra (João Carvalho Mastering) to their production team to help finalize the album’s production. The cover was shot by Stewart MacLean and finalized artistically by Jett Roberts.