Album Release: On Time

Noah Malcolm

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Born from the strings of a borrowed guitar, PEI singer and songwriter Noah Malcolm’s four-song, self-produced EP entitled On Time was released in December.

The first single “Give In” was released in August 2020 with an accompanying music video. The track is an energy-packed introspective of the creative process with big drums, an open-tuned acoustic and a dynamic vocal that traps the listener into Malcolm’s dreamworld.

His second single “If Not” was released last October and leans more into the folk realm with its playful lilt and meter changes as it interrogates the things that hold us back while poking fun at being self-involved. A self-made music video for “If Not” was released in December. The video was filmed on PEI in his parents’ backyard and highlights the artist’s quirks and resourcefulness as he assembles an outdoor living room and delightfully dances and performs the lively tune.

The remaining two tracks from the EP include “Permission,” written during the lockdown in March. Ethereal synths and a string trio create a comforting mosaic that carries this mid-tempo guitar ballad along with its message of finding peace in uncertainty. “The Finish Line” is a meditation on pursuit and persistence that starts softly before firing on all cylinders for the highest emotional peak of the record.

Malcolm’s music career has taken him from playing by ear, to studying classically, to professionally music directing for theatre across the country.

Malcolm is looking forward to working on new music after the release. “The EP feels like a foundation for me. I’ve always felt like a songwriter, but never had the body of work to show for it. These songs tell my story as an artist but I’m excited to share new stuff; different genres and perspectives.”

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