Album release: Music in Your Head

Winnie Richards

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PEI native Deirdre Smith has released Music in Your Head from her alter ego project, Winnie Richards.

Music in Your Head is a mixture of electronic and acoustic textures in a variety of styles. The album was mainly recorded while in lockdown on Vancouver Island with the exception of “Atomic Veteran” which was recorded in Montreal in the early 2000’s and recently mixed, and “Sleepy Sunday” which was recorded circa 2010 with new vocals added this year.

Deirdre Smith was a founding member of 90’s alternative band Strawberry, who released records with Halifax labels Cinnamon Toast Records and No Records. She was also a member of Arts&Crafts group Valley of the Giants with members of Broken Social Scene and Godspeed You Black Emperor. She is joined on Music in Your Head by former Strawberry member Scott Garratt.

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