Album release: Inside Four Walls

Braden Lam

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Braden Lam takes listeners on a journey of growth and aspiration with Inside Four Walls, a new EP released in October. The six songs on the album walk from adolescence and a wide-open future into the reality of adulthood and its sundry limitations, trying to find the balance between art and responsibility.

Recorded with PEI producer Colin Buchanan (Paper Lions, Adyn Townes, Sorrey), Inside Four Walls shows how the young songwriter has looked beyond the walls of the bedroom—where he made his debut album Driftwood People—to a more complex world. Inspired by the honest storytelling and heart-pulling melodies of songwriters like Tim Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Maggie Rogers, Lam’s own craft is a study in the day-to-day.

Fresh out of university and newly married, adult life appeared fully formed to Lam, whose songs are a mix of youthful wide-eyed optimism and distrust of the structures he grew up in. On “Forest Fires” he laments the effects of climate change; on “I Won’t Think Twice” he’s defiant in the face of unsolicited, straight-laced life advice; on “Saturday is Seven” he bemoans the work week; and he’s buoyed by love in “Habit of My Heart,” the story of meeting his wife.

Inside Four Walls is a sonic push outside the box for Lam, who built a solid folk base for himself on Driftwood People. Buchanan’s production elevates the songs above the standard singer and songwriter treatment—hear it in the bossa nova swing of “Coffee Breath” and easy listening saxophone solo in “Ruby.”

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