Goldberg Variations-Sarah Hagen

Album release: Goldberg Variations

By Sarah Hagen

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Goldberg Variations, the fourth album by Sarah Hagen, is a recording of Johann Sebastian Bach’s formidable Goldberg Variations. The album release on November 4 coincides with Hagen’s first visual art exhibit, Oneness. The 32 pieces of mixed media artwork correspond to the 32 movements of Bach’s masterpiece.

“I actually was inspired to create the artwork first, and didn’t anticipate recording the album at all!” shares Hagen. “I never dreamed of ever performing the Goldberg Variations, let alone recording them, but felt irresistibly drawn into the folds of the music.”

Recorded at Historic St. Mary’s, the album was engineered by Adam Gallant and mastered by John D.S. Adams. Ben Didier designed the album packaging, incorporating original artwork by Hagen.

“Three days before heading out to record in July, my mastering engineer informed me I would either have to shave 20 minutes off of my interpretation or release the album as two discs. Art won out! I felt strongly that I should take my time to let the music unfold as I felt it should.”

The release party and art show will be held November 5 at the Haviland Club in Charlottetown.,

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