Mat Hannah–Back to You

Album release: Back To You

by Matt Hannah

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PEI songwriter Mat Hannah released his new EP Back To You on September 10. Hannah co-wrote the album with producer Davor Vulama (Loverboy, Joe Satriani, Art of Dying).

“The EP speaks to the feeling of growing up in a world where you’re always catching up, one step behind, having rotten luck in life,” Hannah said. “All of the songs were co-written with Davor. He’s a pro at what he does, which has allowed us to push through the limitations of distance and technology. We wrote these songs through phone calls, emails and Zoom meetings, and it has been super rewarding to put together the project while on opposite sides of the country. The EP is for all the ones who are out there trying their damn best every day, no matter the outcome!”

Hannah is the lead singer for the synth laden, pop-punk Charlottetow-based band, Little Cities. He has written and collaborated with Gavin Brown, Mike Bilenki, James Wilson and Colin Buchanan.

With Back To You, Hannah has started to move from his pop-punk roots to a more pop-oriented sound, featuring songs that are fun to listen to, with unforgettable hooks and a light infectious energy.

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