Album release: Another Suffer

Baby God

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Baby God, featuring the alternative-folk songwriting collaboration between Islanders Nathan Gill and Andrew Murray,  released their second full length album Another Suffer on February 19.

The duo brings the pop and indie rock sensibilities of the Charlottetown music scene to the group’s stripped back sound. Baby God’s song-first approach and laid back production style keep their recordings candid and direct.

Recorded in February 2020, Another Suffer is the follow up to 2017’s self-titled album, Baby God. The new album is a breezy, homespun Sunday listen.

Another Suffer was written, performed and produced by Baby God. The album was mastered by Colin Buchanan at The Hill Sound Studio in Charlottetown.

“The first thing Andrew and I did to begin the process was sit down around my kitchen table, each with a guitar, and a notebook, and trade songs back and forth. As much as possible, we wanted to hang on to the feeling of that experience through to the final product” says Gill.

“We knew we had a small window of time to record Another Suffer, and so a lot of the record arose from just putting  ourselves on the path of creativity, and trusting that something would come. I think we owe the vibe of the record to the relaxed nature of the process, as well as our willingness to just show up and get creative” adds Murray.

Another Suffer is available now at and on all streaming platforms.

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