Acting on the Island and Other Prince Edward Island Stories: New & Selected by J.J. Steinfeld

Acting on the Island and Other Prince Edward Island Stories: New & Selected 

J. J. Steinfeld

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Pottersfield Press recently published fiction writer, playwright, and poet J. J. Steinfeld’s latest book, Acting on the Island and Other Prince Edward Island Stories: New & Selected. This is Steinfeld’s twenty-third book and fourteenth short story collection. It includes 21 stories set on the Island, gathered from the nearly 500 wide-ranging and eclectic stories that Steinfeld has written in his over forty years of living and writing on PEI. 

Acting on the Island is a thought-provoking collection of Island stories embracing and exploring the themes and the psychological terrain that has pervaded all of Steinfeld’s writing, from the absurd to the existential, the surreal to the spiritual, the realistic to the fantastical. Steinfeld is concerned in his work with the influence of the past and memory on the present; the significance of love, creativity, and madness in the lives of individuals as they attempt to deal with their lives on the Island and within the larger world. 

In 2017, Guernica Editions published a book in their Essential Writers Series, J. J. Steinfeld: Essays on His Works, compiled and edited by Sandra Singer, which took a critical look at the author’s writings of fiction, poetry, and plays. Among Steinfeld’s many awards for his writing over the years, four of his works which include stories in Acting on the Island have won or been shortlisted for writing awards. 

The painting on the cover of Acting on the Island is by Island artist Brenda Whiteway.