Oyster art by Debby Brady

A Shell of a Story

Micro story competition dives into oyster art

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Debbie Brady, fine art photographer and Oyster Art Lady from Tyne Valley is hosting “A Shell of a Story,” a micro story competition designed to spark creative writing across Canada and around the world.

Brady defines oyster art as photographic fine art that reveals nature’s abstract creations in a tiny section of shell. A micro story is a subset of the flash fiction genre of fiction defined as a very short story, in this case, a maximum of 300 words.

The free competition is open to creative writers everywhere. Participants are asked to submit an original micro story of no more than 300 words (plus a one word title) by February 28 based on their interpretation of the new piece of oyster art that Brady will reveal on February 1 (As a Buzz reader, you get a sneak peek). The winner—chosen by Brady—will receive a print of the artwork and will be featured on her website at oysterart.ca.

“People are always pointing out different things they see in my artwork and it’s fascinating,” says Brady. “I’m a curious person by nature and I like to say that oyster art will enrich your space with a story. So I want to see what kind of interesting stories people can come up with.”

A permanent caption and name for the oyster art will be created from the winning story and author credited.

Brady also has an ulterior motive. The artwork for this project was created from a shell from Limfjord, Denmark. She wants to collect oyster shells from all over the world to photograph, especially from other islands. Oyster lovers can help. Visit oysterart.ca to find out how to send her some shells to photograph. She will need to know exactly where the shells came from as their origin becomes part of the artwork story.

Oyster Art Gallery in Tyne Valley is open by chance or appointment.

For complete details and story submissions, visit oysterart.ca/shell-of-a-story.


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