A Norm Day In The Strangely Life…

By Norm Strangely

Norm Strangely’s new album, A Norm Day In The Strangely Life, is now available at Back Alley Music in Charlottetown, and online on YouTube, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp.

The album chronicles a day of hip-hop adventure, beginning with alien voices urging Norm to get out of bed and start his day, and culminating in the YouTube music video “I’ll Sleep When I’m…zzz,” created with Day 1 Media. It includes a homage track titled “Come Play In Our Eyeland,” exploring PEI hip-hop history pre-pandemic, tracing its roots back to the 80s with Bassmint and following its local evolution. 

Norm spends his day reading comics, playing video games, and chipping away at making a song at various locales. He raps the complete song out before heading to bed.

The album features ten beats by hip-hop veteran K-Flow, mixed and mastered by Robert Doan, Norm’s long-standing musical partner.