Sharon Robson-A Murmur of Men

A Murmur of Men

Sharon Lucy Robson

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“This piece of writing, in fragments and tatters, was on my desk for over twenty years,” says PEI author Sharon Lucy Robson in the forward of her debut novel, A Murmur of Men (2021). “This book is a tribute to all the fine men in the world, who make the lives of girls and women equitable, fair, and also fun!”

Lily Bridges grows up in a small Ontario village surrounded by hard-working men. Her coming of age story is a journey from six to 25 years of age, when she is a Toronto streetcar driver. In each chapter, Lily is drawn into a relationship with a different man, who helps her uncover the sagacious realities of growing up and the fragility of secrets and lies. Fourteen men take Lily on tantalizing emotional journeys that throw her into the alien realities of homelessness, transgender identity, forbidden love, death, adolescent desire, kinesthetic energy, and even walking on the moon.

“The Hug,” an excerpt from the book, was awarded first place in the Maritime Electric Short Story Award category of the PEI Writers’ Guild 2021 Island Literary Awards.

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