A Guide for Immigrants & Refugees

New publication from Community Legal Information

Justice Avenues Program Manager Nicole Li

Understanding the immigration process and settling in a new country can be very challenging. To address this need, Community Legal Information’s Justice Avenues program has developed a new publication, Immigrating to Canada: A Guide for Immigrants and Refugees Living on PEI.

This resource answers common questions about Canadian immigration law, criminal law, healthcare, family law, sponsorship, and employment. It offers valuable information, a listing of essential services, and resources to help immigrants and refugees living on PEI navigate the complex landscape of immigration and settlement in Canada.

The publication is available in English, Arabic, French, Punjabi, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Vietnamese. It is available for free as a PDF download on the Justice Avenues website and paper copies can be requested by phone via 782-772-0957 or email to info@justiceavenues.ca.

Justice Avenues offers free legal support to anyone who identifies as a racialized person living on PEI who is dealing with criminal, family, or immigration matters. The program offers up to four hours of free legal advice from a lawyer, plain language legal information, support navigating the justice system, and referrals to other community services.

Justice Avenues is a program of Community Legal Information funded by Justice Canada. For more about the program, email info@justiceavenues.ca, phone/text 782-772-0957, or visit justiceavenues.ca.

Community Legal Information is a registered charity that provides free legal information to PEI residents. To find legal information about this and other legal topics, visit legalinfopei.ca.