a beautiful island

Bruce MacDougall

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“Everybody needs a hobby…My hobby is music. I have always had a love of music whether it was playing drums in local bands, listening to the radio, watching concerts or just strumming my guitar,” says Bruce MacDougall of Summerside, who is releasing his debut CD a beautiful island.

“A couple of years ago I got the urge to write a song (A Beautiful Island) which lead me to create this CD. It certainly has been a labour of love and I would not change a thing. The CD was produced by Chris Gauthier of Dunk River Sound and I had the opportunity to work with some very talented Island musicians,” explains Bruce.

“As you can tell by the title track, A Beautiful Island, I am a very proud Islander and very proud of the fact that this CD was Island-made. I wrote and performed all songs, musicians and background vocalists are all Islanders, produced at Dunk River Sound by Chris Gauthier, mastered by Don Chapman at DC Productions with CD production by Kaneshii Vinyl in Charlottetown.

Musicians on the CD are Chris Gauthier (guitars), Remi Arsenault (drums, percussion, bass), Jon Rehder (bass, rhythm guitar, keyboards), Thomas Webb (peddle steel), Keelin Wedge (fiddle), Pascal Muise (fiddle), Brad MacDougall (drums). Harmony vocals are provided by Catherine MacLellan, Tim MacPherson, Anne Brander, and Judy MacGregor and Joan Reeves.

“Song writing styles vary from artist to artist and I like to think that mine is a traditional Maritime country style. My style has probably been instilled in me at a young age as there was always a radio on in the house tuned to a county station. My favourite songwriters range from the late Gene MacLellan to the late Jesse Winnchester,” says Bruce.

The 10 original songs on the recording, all written by Bruce, are “Special Lady” (a tribute to Bruce’s mother-in-law), “Thankful” (putting things in to perspective after a health scare), “A Beautiful Island” (about the love Bruce has have for this island), “A Mother’s Love” (a tribute to Bruce’s mother who he lost when he was 14, and to all mothers), “Little Jim” (for Bruce’s father, who he looks up to), “My little Corner of the World” (about a someone down on his luck with his guitar case open playing for money), “Friends” (about all kinds of friends, good friends, close friends and loyal friends), Memories (for someone whose wife is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s), “Nancy’s Song” (for the lady who has been by Bruce’s side for a long time) and “My Christmas Hug” (a song about a loved one who is no longer with us.)

Says Bruce. “If any part of this CD makes you smile, tap you toe, bring a tear or just makes you appreciate the beauty of this little Island then I have accomplished what I set out to do.”

The songs and album will be available on Itunes, Spotify, YouTube, amazon.ca, etc. or contact Bruce at brucemacdougall52@gmail.com