29 years of ACT

Fundraising exhibition of past production posters

ACT exhibit
ACT exhibit

A celebration of 29 years of community theatre will be on display at the Hilda Woolnough Gallery at The Guild from March 19–28 in a new exhibition by ACT (a community theatre). 

The not-for-profit theatre organization will be hosting a visual display of mounted posters from the many dozens of shows it has produced since ACT was founded in 1995. The exhibition is sure to be a walk down memory lane for the actors, directors, production teams, backstage crews and audience members who have been part of ACT’s productions over the last 29 years.

The 10-day exhibition is a fundraiser for ACT, which is currently undergoing a significant transition. Since the early 2000s, ACT has benefitted from a permanent storage and set construction facility on Beach Street in Charlottetown, colloquially known as the Beach House. The facility’s owner had purchased the building and rented it to ACT at a very low cost. The facility’s recent sale means that ACT has to find and pay for more costly new storage. 

Members have been going through the process of downsizing its large inventory of costumes, sets and props and will be holding a garage sale of some of these items in the coming months. Delving into years of theatre history at the Beach House, including walls covered in posters from past ACT productions, prompted members to realize there was an important story of the PEI arts community to be told.

This exhibition is a visual testament of ACT’s contributions to PEI’s community arts scene over the last three decades. Showcasing all the pieces in one place will give visitors a taste of the ambitious efforts of the many people who shaped ACT and shared their talents with Island audiences. It is a testament to the creativity, vitality, talent and heart of ACT’s many shows and the show aims to capture the spirit of community theatre that is the very essence of ACT—an organization dedicated to fostering and encouraging amateur theatre in PEI. 

An opening night reception and fundraising event will be held on March 19 at the Hilda Woolnough Gallery from 6–8 pm. All are welcome to attend, especially past ACT members and volunteers.