Juror #10 (Margaret Brady) in rehearsal

12 Angry Women

Courtroom drama presented by ACT (a community theatre)

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12 Angry Women is sort of a courtroom drama, but without the courtroom. It’s what happens after all the theatrics of a week of testimony. But it’s even more theatrical once you lock a dozen people into the pressure-cooker of a stifling-hot jury room to come to a conclusion on whether a man is guilty of murder.

12 Angry Women will play at four Island venues between April 26 and May 10, staged by ACT (a community theatre).  It is directed by Terry Pratt and produced by Richard Haines.

The play is full of gripping dramatic moments. The psychological tension builds as the jurors’ hands go up, one after the other, for another vote. Abrupt flip-flops of opinion take us by surprise. Physical confrontation erupts into near violence. And there’s that startling move with a switch-blade.

The play has an impressive pedigree of proven success. It is an adaptation of Twelve Angry Men—which was first a TV drama, then a movie, then staged in London and on Broadway. Recently a project called 12,000 Voices has been organizing readings of the Angry Men version by casts of women all across the United States—to promote women’s voter registration and civic involvement. Though set in the 1950s, that dating is not very important. Indeed, the message—about evidence, probing beneath the surface, critical thinking—is quite relevant in our own era, say the producers.

There are some unusual things about this production. It is theatre in-the-round and the show is going on-the-road, playing in four different parts of the Island. And it’s unusual that a dozen of the Island’s talented women actors get a chance to shine together on stage throughout the entire play.

Those “angry women” are Pamela Rowe, Justeann Hansen, Laura Stapleton, Barbara Rhodenhizer, Tamara Steele, Jennifer Shields, Marla Haines, Catherine MacDonald, Kate Martin, Margaret Brady, Nancy MacNevin, and Robyn MacDougald.

There will be four performances in Charlottetown at the Carriage House (West street), hosted in association with Beaconsfield Historic House, the evenings of April 26 to 28, plus a matinee on April 27. On May 2 the play is at the Watermark Theatre in North Rustico. Then on May 4 it’s in the Eptek Gallery of Summerside’s Harbourfront complex. The final performance is 10 May 10 at the Kings Playhouse in Georgetown. Curtain time is 7:30 pm (2 pm for the April 27 matinee).

Each venue has its own system for issuing tickets—the box offices of Watermark (ticketwizard.ca), Kings Playhouse (kingsplayhouse.com) and Harbourfront for Eptek (harbourfronttheatre.com), Beaconsfield (ticketwizard.ca).

For information contact 902-628-6778, 12angrywomenact@gmail.com or visit actpei.ca.

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